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About Judy Colpitts

Life Coach and Counsellor

My Mission:

I want my clients to leave with a smile on their face while they say to themselves,

“I never knew I could feel this good.”

As a colleague and former supervisor of Judy Colpitts, I consider her to be one most effective counsellors that I have seen. Her commitment to utilizing evidence-based, cutting-edge counselling techniques has made her a sought after therapist.

She is a well-trained and gifted therapist. She is extremely professional. It is with full confidence that I state that anyone in Judy’s care is fortunate in receiving help from such an excellent therapist and a competent and caring person.

Dr. James Croake, Ph.D.

Diplomate American Board of Professional Psychology, American Psychological Association - Life Time Achievement Award

Judy Colpitts On Being a Life Coach and Counsellor

I love my work!

Counselling and coaching is a way for me to exercise my core life values and principles: Integrity, personal improvement, learning, offering a helping hand, professionalism, striving for results and excellence.

My enthusiasm for my work can be infectious to my clients, especially when life is tough. Sometimes it can be amazingly helpful just knowing that someone has faith in you and in your ability to create a better, more satisfying life.

Why I Stand Out As a Counsellor and Coach

I deliver – I am result oriented. You will receive high quality solutions in a caring, supportive and comfortable environment.

My clients often achieve long-term results due to my desire to give them the best service possible.

My clients enjoy my sense of humour. I am skilled at helping people feel more comfortable with themselves, and thus more comfortable with their place in the world.

I have a strong track record as a therapist and coach. This is evidenced by my excellent reputation in Vancouver and Kelowna. Due to the results I receive with my clients, I consistently receive referrals from physicians, other health care providers, and of course, my clients.

I bring a wealth of training and experience, which allows me to select the approaches and techniques most likely to be helpful to the uniqueness of each client and the situation they bring.

A common thread that runs through my work life and personal life is that I am curious and enjoy learning. This ensures that I am current on the most up-to-date counselling and coaching approaches, and the science behind them.

Having had the privilege to work with Judy in various capacities, I am always impressed by her dedication, compassion, knowledge and commitment to the work and service she provides to her clients.

Professional, personable and with the ability to create a warm and trusting environment conducive to self knowledge and growth, Judy’s experience and insightfulness are very evident through the results and successes her clients achieve.

Heather Whistle

MSc I/O Psychology

Professional Experience as a Life Coach and Counsellor

I have worked for over 25 years in the counselling psychology field, offering a mix of coaching, counseling and disability services:

  • Private therapy practice in Vancouver and Kelowna
  • Employment and career counseling at government sponsored organizations
  • Counseling and Disability Services at Okanagan College in Kelowna
Course Development and Training
  • Stress Management: create and deliver workshops to businesses, corporations and nonprofits
  • Mind & Body Medicine 101: An Introduction: created, designed and delivered presentation to the Central Okanagan Association for Cardiac Health Professional Development Training Seminar Kelowna, BC
  • Mind & Body Medicine: created presentations to the Canadian Cancer Society Lodge in Kelowna, BC
  • Employment and Retirement Planning: created and delivered a 1-week Course – Canada Post Corporation Vancouver, BC
Business and Corporate Consulting
  • Designed and delivered Employee Family Assistance Programs (EAFP’s)
  • Created, designed and managed Masters Level Student Counselling Program at Vancouver School of Theology
Counsellor Educator

Taught the following:

  • The Theory and Practice of Counselling Psychology – Physicians in Family Practice Residency at St. Paul’s Hospital – University of British Columbia
  • The Theory and Practice of Counselling Psychology – Theology-Master’s Level Students – Vancouver School of Theology (V.S.T.)
  • Clinical Assessment – (Co-Leader) Master’s Level Counselling Students – Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • Practicum Supervisor – Master’s Level Counselling Psychology – Adler School of Professional Psychology
  • Practicum Supervisor – Master’s Level Counselling Psychology  – University of British Columbia
  • An Adlerian Approach to Career Transition Counseling with the Traumatized Client of Job Displacement, Colpitts and Croake
  • Reemployment Using Individualized Psychology, Colpitts and Croake

Education & Training

  • McGill University – B.Sc.
  • Masters in Counselling Psychology: Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago
  • Depression, Anxiety and Stress, Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital
  • Meditation for Everyday Living and Peak Performance for Mental Health, Medical and Surgical Practices, Harvard Medical School
  • Mind Body Training in Optimism, Humour and Cognitive Restructuring, Harvard Medical School
  • Spirituality and Healing in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • The Revolutionary Practice of Mind Body Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • HeartMath Clinical/Healthcare practitioner and coaching certificates

A Coaching Client:

“I would recommend that people working with you enter the process with the expectation of having conversations that closely resemble a chat with a wise old friend than a formal session with a professional. I find this ability to converse in a less than formal fashion to be one of Judy’s greatest strengths.”

Dean Valli

CFL Player, BC Lions, Vancouver, BC

In closing, let me say that what I like best about my work is being able to help my clients improve and enjoy their lives more. When people are happier with themselves and their lives, that happiness radiates to others. It then is like a chain reaction — happiness begets happiness.

Judy Colpitts , M.A., R.C.C.

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